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One-day program

  • To rekindle the flame of motivation in your team.
  • Have fun together in simple creative activities.
  • Interact differently. See each other from a new perspective.
  • Discover a safe place to talk and infuse your work with new insights.
For a team of 10 to 15 participants

During this one-day program, discover the richness of communicating across differences including cultural, intergenerational, personality or sexual orientation.


Before the program:

The first contact is typically an informal meeting with members of the group in their work environment.

In the morning:

Participants engage in simple games before creating a collective project.

In the afternoon:

The group tries out role play activities related to real-life workplace situations.

During the program:

Alternating between expressive activities and dialogue circles allows participants to name their experiences in a safe context and integrate what they’re learning, making it accessible later on at work.


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