In our everyday interactions, we sometimes adopt attitudes that block positive communication.

In professional life, it only takes one or two stuck teammates to bring down morale for the entire group. Energy and desire to come to work and motivation to give one’s best are often destroyed because of blocks in the group dynamic. Play and theatre come to the rescue by shaking up those blocks. They help us discover new ways of seeing, understanding and behaving.

Collaboration is a big challenge. One team member is swift and meticulous, the other, slower, weighing situations from a distance. In addition to personal differences, there are also past histories, nationalities, genes, hormones, ages, daily moods – to name only a few factors – that impact our daily interactions. Which will it be: rich meetings of minds or ongoing disturbing conflicts? Differences between teammates can produce high quality creative work… or lost time, effort and team spirit.

We gain so much by broadening our perspective and learning to see our fellow workers in a different light. These programs offer a great opportunity to do exactly that under the supervision of a highly skilled trainer. Indeed, only a facilitator experienced in the art of leading groups in a safe environment can offer participants the opportunity to embrace the risk of trying out new attitudes and ways of relating.

Elisabeth Couture

elis Élisabeth Couture (Ph.D. Laval University) has led groups of children, teenagers and adults for more than 35 years, as facilitator, director, teacher and team leader. She has developed her teaching skills during the past 15 years as a faculty member at Concordia University’s Theatre Department. She also conducts Playback Theatre performances with the company, Promito Playback, as part of a dialogue process. Couture is a graduate of the Center for Playback Theatre and holds a certification as a psychodramatist from the International Center of Expressive Psychotherapy  in Yamachiche, Québec.