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To rekindle the flame of motivation in your team.

Have fun together in simple creative activities. Interact differently. See each other from a new perspective. Discover a safe place to talk and infuse your work with new insights.

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telling stories

Attend a very special performance where your team members share stories and our performers enact them on the spot.

Discover the warmth of Playback Theatre where shared stories are performed with precision and faithfulness. Experience an inspiring and engaging event that draws people closer together.

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To address more delicate situations

When it’s time to stop and assess the state of work relationships…When a more specific intervention is necessary to untangle difficult and unproductive group dynamics

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Élisabeth Couture

Élisabeth Couture (Ph.D. Laval University) has led groups of children, teenagers and adults for more than 35 years, as facilitator, director, teacher and team leader. She has developed her teaching skills during the past 15 years as a faculty member at Concordia University’s Theatre Department. She also conducts Playback Theatre performances with the company, Promito Playback, as part of a dialogue process. More

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